Udale speciality foods supply all of our meat, poultry and game where everything is fully traceable back to the farm

Country fresh foods supply us with the very best fruit, vegetables, dairy and herbs.

Santa Maria are responsible for the amazing spices used which are sourced from around the world and can be traced back to point of origin.

Yorkshire foragers source all of the amazing and unique ingredients we use from mushrooms to sea herbs and so much more, everything is hand picked with a commitment to quality and sustainability.

The courtyard dairy provide us with the most amazing cheeses possible, their knowledge and passion is infectious and help us to decide which cheese should be used in certain dish's which is invaluable.

Minus8 vinegar and verjus, Minus8 is a family owned vineyard in Niagara, Canada producing the best vinegars in the world, Minus8 name is from their flagship vinegar named as such because thats the tempreture the grapes were harvested at.

We source our fish from various suppliers from around the country to ensure the very freshest and highest quality seafood.

Tel: 07809726551 email: l3chef@outlook.com

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